School Calendar 2017-18 | Academic Templates

2017-18 School Calendar: Basically, there are two types of the school calendar. One is used by students to manage their academic work and that calendar is known as Academic calendar and the second one is used by school authorities to record the attendance of students and that calendar is known as Attendance calendar. Here we're providing both the academics and attendance calendar, so either you're students or a teacher here you will find something useful. Try to use these school calendar templates which are specially designed keep the work or students into consideration. As per experts and experienced person, each and every student must prepare an academic calendar to make sure all his efforts are going in a right direction. Also, every school mist prepares and maintain attendance sheets to track the attendance percentages of students. Download 2017 school calendar templates from below.

Free School Calendar 2017/18

A school calendar with all the details such as school holidays, exam schedule section etc is available here. As students, you must download a school calendar to know about the upcoming holidays and other details. That school time is the very important phase of every human being, that time period decided where you'll you go. To succeed in life one thing that has to very strong is "Basics" and we learn basics at school. At schools, we learn how to be disciplined person and how to stay humble with success and money. So, make the maximum out of your school life, if you've some time management issues then it is recommended to download a school calendar and see how much difference it makes in your life.

2017 Attendance Calendar Sheet

Attendance sheet calendar is just a piece of paper which is equipped with lines to note down attendance details of  all the students. Th details such as name of the school, date, name of students, in & out time, teacher name and signature etc are available there on a calendar. If you have the responsibility to mark the attendance of students then consider using these templates. We're sure that these templates will surely bring some ease in your work. As you can see in the below available calendar that all the details such as days, weeks, date, school name, month, year, instructor name, room, student name etc is available on the calendar which is required for an attendance.

2017/18 Academic Calendar Template

An academic calendar is available below with all the holiday written on the calendar with red text. Download a calendar and start using it as per the need.

School Holiday Calendar 2017-18

Below you can find a calendar which shows school holidays, public holidays. So all the students must download a school holiday calendar to know about the upcoming holidays. If you know about a holiday in advance then you'll be able to plan it in a better way. As the public holidays are also available so all people can use this calendar as a holiday calendar. The month of April is on the door, so download Calendar for April 2017 as well.


Hopefully, you find the 2017 school calendar useful, if yes then please share with other people as well who might be in search of these calendar templates. The sharing buttons are available right below the post.